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Andorra Lodge

A sparkling gem in the north that combines nature and beauty while offering relaxation and solitude.

Nestled in the breathtaking Temagami Region of Ontario, Andorra Lodge has been offering fishermen, families and hunters the experiences and memories that are sure to last a lifetime. Cast a bobber off the dock, paddle amongst the calm ripples of the shallows or unwind in the luxurious sauna - whatever your desire, Andorra Lodge is the place where wishes come true.

Located on the tranquil shores of Net Lake, our rustic two or three-bedroom cottages offer the vacationer the privacy and attention to detail that our family prides itself on. Our amenities rate second to none, and include such treats as wood fireplaces, washers and dryers and satellite television. (And when hunger strikes, rest assured that our scrumptious home-cooked meals served in the dining room will satisfy and delight your culinary taste buds!)

Andorra Lodge is a true four-season getaway. From casting to walleye during the warmth of the summer, to riding the snowmobile trails or ice fishing for pike during the snowy days of winter, we are pleased to offer a year-round retreat that is sure to bring smiles and excitement to each of our guests.

Come and explore the wondrous sights of the Temagami Region, and make Andorra Lodge your "home away from home." We guarantee that you won't be disappointed.