Welcome to Clipp'n Critters

Clipp'n Critters offers a clean, modern pet grooming facility right in our home with friendly grooming service right here in Brampton, Ontario. We offer FULL pet grooming, including ears, nails and teeth, for all breeds of dogs.
As the pet groomer I have excellent grooming experience and have a gentle and friendly approach to make both pet owners and their pets feel comfortable and at ease.
Clipp'n Critters welcomes many breeds and sizes. We offer grooming specific to certain breeds with a friendly personalized service.
Are you having a hard time washing your pet at home? Bring your pet to us and we will take care of it for you without you having to worry about your drains plugging up and cleaning up all the loose fur and hair.

Contact Clipp'n Critters today to schedule your dog grooming appointment.

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