Illustration (Technical):

Technical illustration used to be illustrations you saw in instruction manuals on how to build something or it was an inexpensive way to publish product catalogues of products. These drawings were drawn by hand using a technical pen, curve guides and rulers. There was no "edit undo."

Luckily with computers there is "edit undo" and many other fantastic features and software to bring these illustrations alive. They are still the most popular way to create manuals and this is one of the services that we provide. The evolution of illustration, a topic I will be talking about in a series of blogs that I am developing BLOG .

Illustration (Interpretive):

Interpretive Illustration is another form of illustration that has been and still is a popular form of freehand drawing media using any media of choice. Computers have also made it easier for illustrators to quickly create true to life illustrations and even animating them.

Flash animation:

Vector illustrations come to life when using flash to create simple animations. A sequence of jpegs, pngs or vector illustrations come to life and make your graphics jump off the page. A lot of our courseware development experience can also take 3D renderings from 3D max and animate instruction video on how to land aircraft or perhaps create a visual of a prototype for your company marketing presentation.

3D max rendering and animation:

3D max is a great 3D program to create simulations of products that you are selling. Clever promotional ads, marketing displays and overall life like replicas of a product you are trying to promote can be rendered or animated using this program. Architecture for builders can be envisioned by designing a fly through of a proposed facility like this one created for the Living Arts Centre before it was actually built. Living Arts Centre(Link to Video Coming Soon)

Graphic Design:

Graphic Design is used in any business from designing branding, logo design, signage, marketing and advertising. We try to keep our designs clean and simple with a clear focus and attention to detail. Our clients get involved in showing us what they want and we can translate those ideas to final artwork. We create all our designs using various software from Microsoft Office tools, CorelDraw, and Adobe CS5 Suite Including Illustrator, PhotoShop, DreamWeaver, FireWorks and Flash.